Danish Web Hosting Company Adds Free Forensic Tool

November 10, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Danish web hosting company EasySpeedy (http://easyspeedy.com) has added a software-based Forensic investigation utility to its Remote Recovery System. The company, who specializes in hosting dedicated servers and Linux/BSD, suggests the utility will enable customers to remotely recover their data while checking servers for signs of malicious intrusion.

The increasing demand for outsourced servers has increased demand for remote security investigation tools. As Peter L-Svendsen, CTO of EasySpeedy suggests, intrusion always results in corruption and even worse in severe loss of data. "Loss of data can ruin any business, so if data could be recovered before reinstalling the compromised server from bottom up, the damages could be eliminated. This is exactly what our Forensic tool can do", said Mr. L-Svendsen.

Apart from recovering data from a compromised server, the tool allows for detection of any signs of intrusion. Used on a regular basis the utility can support decision making in regards of taking immediate action to rescue and secure a server.

The Forensic utility is the latest software based remote recovery tool deployed by EasySpeedy. Around 20 such specialized utilities are now included in the Remote Recovery package which is offered free of charge to EasySpeedy hosting customers.

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