Data Center and Cloud Solutions Provider INAP Launches Managed Cloud and Monitoring Service

July 29, 2019
Data Center and Cloud Solutions Provider INAP Launches Managed Cloud and Monitoring Service
Data center and cloud solutions provider Internap Corporation (INAP) has launched a new managed cloud and monitoring service. INAP, which has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, was established in 1996. The company’s services include “high-density colocation, managed cloud hosting, and powerful network services”. Listed on NASDAQ, it creates “secure and scalable IT infrastructure solutions” for its customers. These solutions include hosting, cloud, and IP connectivity services alongside hybrid infrastructure and private cloud options. INAP’s subsidiaries include SingleHop,, and iWeb Group Inc. The company’s new service “combines the best elements of advanced monitoring software with proactive and transparent support experience”.

INAP’s new cloud management and support platform is underpinned by INblue and “optimized for Windows and Linux Bare Metal hosting customers”. Now generally available, the solution monitors server environments and measures their “health” in terms of Linux/Windows operating systems, hardware, resources, and applications. INAP’s team of experts use INAP’s proprietary ‘Smart Workflow System’ to identify issues. Users can “review metric and log data, and communicate with assigned technicians from a single screen”.

“Infrastructure monitoring strategies are only as good as the actions that follow alerts,” explained INAP’s SVP of Global Cloud Services, Jennifer Curry. “When problems arise, traditional managed hosting customers too often confront service-related, time-wasting pain points due to a lack of visibility and control. We built Intelligent Monitoring to not only improve cloud performance and availability but to set a new benchmark for managed services transparency.”

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