Data Center and Colocation Solutions Provider CoreSite Announces Start of CH2 Data Center

April 15, 2019
Data Center and Colocation Solutions Provider CoreSite Announces Start of CH2 Data Center
Data center and colocation solutions provider CoreSite Realty Corporation (CoreSite) has announced it has started construction of its new CH2 data center. CoreSite, which has headquarters in Denver, Colorado, United States, was established in 2001. The company specializes in real estate investment with a strong focus on data centers designed for peering services and colocation.

CoreSite has data centers in a variety of locations across the United States including Chicago, Denver, New York, Secaucus, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, and Reston in Virginia. “More than 1,350 of the world’s leading enterprises, network operators, cloud providers, and supporting service providers” utilize the company’s services. Its latest project will be located in Chicago, Illinois, United States and known as ‘CH2’.

CH2 will be built in the heart of Chicago and connect with CH1, its first Chicago-based facility. Chicago 2 will join Chicago 1 in offering a full range of “cloud-driven solutions” designed to facilitate digital transformation and hybrid clouds. The first stage of the project should be completed early 2020. Upon completion the center will cater to customers with mission critical requirements and “performance-sensitive hybrid cloud applications.”

“We’re excited to have under construction an enterprise-class, purpose-built data center designed to deliver 18 megawatts of power and 169,000 net rentable square feet of capacity in downtown Chicago,” explained CoreSite’s General Manager and Vice President, Matt Gleason in a press release.

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