Data Center Company Equinix Acquires Digital Realty’s Paris-based Data Center

August 5, 2016
Data Center Company Equinix Acquires Digital Realty’s Paris-based Data Center
Data center company Equinix Inc. (Equinix) has acquired Digital Realty’s Paris-based data center. Equinix has head offices in Redwood City, California, United States and manages a major network of ‘carrier-neutral’ data centers. The company offers internet services that include enterprise solutions and cloud services. Equinix now has seven locations in Paris and caters to around 575 companies with services from network service providers and cloud service providers such as Google Cloud Platform and IBM SoftLayer. The deal was reported to be in the region of $210 million and includes all aspects of Digital Realty’s Paris operations.

Digital Realty, which has headquarters in San Francisco, United States, offers “client-driven data center and colocation solutions” through “secure, reliable and cost effective facilities that meet each client's unique data center needs”. The company has more than 100 properties in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

“As one of the largest economies in Europe, France continues to be a strong destination for local French businesses, as well as multinationals,” explained the CEO and president of Equinix, Steve Smith. “We believe that by fully owning the site of our PA2 and PA3 facilities and the surrounding land, we will be able to ensure additional capacity and the ability to interconnect more networks, clouds, people and data, as customers require in the future.”

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