Data Center Company maincubes Selected by Optical Connectivity Services Provider AFIBER

February 15, 2019
Data Center Company maincubes Selected by Optical Connectivity Services Provider AFIBER
Data center company maincubes has been selected by optical connectivity services provider of AFIBER to “expand Its optical connectivity services reach”. maincubes is a division of the Zech Group and has headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany. Established in 2012, the company caters to a broad customer base. It provides cloud, connectivity, IT Infrastructure, colocation, and IT security services through its network of data centers across Europe, including through its ‘AMS01’ data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. AFIBER’s services now enable maincubes to meet its customers high capacity connectivity requirements and reduce transmission latency. AFIBER’s ‘EthernetWAVE’, ‘CarrierWAVE”, ‘MetroFIBER’ and ‘AccessWAVE’ are now available through maincubes’ data centers.

AFIBER, which has headquarters in Heemstede, Amsterdam, Netherlands, was established in 2015. The company’s optical network offers low latency access to “50+ data centers, 1,500+ office locations, network service providers and global carriers”. It offers dark fiber and wavelength services that “fulfill the most stringent performance, security and reliability needs” for networks that include data centers, SAN and RAN locations, and customers’ premises. Network and IT service providers can now “tap into AFIBER’s optical transmission services to deliver their services to maincubes customers, or connect maincubes to any destination within the AFIBER footprint”.

“Customers expect a data center to have a broad ecosystem of network and IT service providers available that enables them to build a solution that fits their purposes and provide the flexibility to grow their business on their own terms,” explained the Director of maincubes Amsterdam, Joris te Lintelo. “The addition of AFIBER’s connectivity services to the maincubes AMS01 data center in the Netherlands demonstrates that we are listening closely to the need for flexible connectivity and security requirements of our customers.”

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