Data Center Company Online Tech Now has Two CEOs

January 10, 2013
Data Center Company Online Tech Now has Two CEOs
Ann Arbor, Michigan-based data center company Online Tech now has two CEOs; the company's founder Yan Ness and partner Mike Klein. The pair, who have a five-year working relationship, are briefed with the mission to drive Online Tech's expansion into new markets across the Midwest of the United States in 2013. Mr. Ness will be responsible for overseeing the company's technology, operations, and management, while Mr. Klein will oversee its marketing, sales and relationship building activities.

Online Tech plans to become the largest data center operator in the US Midwest and the "Co-CEO" arrangement will allow the company to draw from its two CEOs' differing backgrounds and experiences in its bid to continue its rapid growth. As a result of their leadership the company has seen more than a 300% increase in business over the last 4 years.

“The CEO role is a pretty lonely job when you have no peer to run things by," explained Mr. Klein. "There are some problems and some decisions that you can’t discuss with the rest of the team or your board of directors. The combination of two experienced CEOs gives us an unusual advantage – the ability to bounce ideas off a peer that has the same stake in the outcome. We approach things differently, but each bring something to the table that makes decisions better informed with peer review at the highest level."

Alongside news of its new duel CEO arrangement, Online Tech is offering interactive webinars in January and February 2013. The webinar series is aimed at those interested in business continuity planning and IT disaster recovery. The first in the series, Business Continuity in Lean Times, will be held Tuesday, January 15 at 2 P.M. Easter Standard Time.

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