Data Center Infrastructure Solutions Company Minkels Announces the MiniCube

November 11, 2016
Data Center Infrastructure Solutions Company Minkels Announces the MiniCube
Data center infrastructure solutions company Minkels has announced the launch of the MiniCube early next year. Minkels, which has headquarters in Veghel, Netherlands, is a Legrand company with a presence in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Belgium. The company specializes in data center products in four main areas - cooling (Variondition), housing (Varicon), power distribution (VariconPower) and monitoring (VariControl). The MiniCube will be available in the first quarter of 2017.

The MiniCube is an extension of Minkels recently launched MatrixCube. The move is a response to “growing demand for micro data centers”. This trend sits alongside increased cloud adoption in the micro data center market. With office automation trends like CRM and ERP systems, companies are able to “shrink” data centers because of reduced physical hardware requirements. In addition, developments in IT miniaturization and virtualization have further reduced the space data caters require. As a result, many companies now choose to house “operationally critical applications and information” in cost-effective micro data centers.

“The data landscape is changing completely, driven by, among others the Internet of Things,” explained Minkels’ Product Manager Bas Jacobs. “In 2014, there were about 14 billion devices connected worldwide. By 2020 there will be 50 billion. This will also mean a boost for the micro data center market, globally: from 1.7 billion dollars in 2015 to 6.3 billion dollars by 2020. This is because centralized data processing is not sufficient for the IoT, for instance because of low latency requirements. The IoT therefore requires this data to be handled locally, for example using micro data centers.”

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