Data Center Infrastructure Supplier Minkels Signs Agreement with Data Center Integrator ICTroom

June 30, 2016
Data Center Infrastructure Supplier Minkels Signs Agreement with Data Center Integrator ICTroom
Data center infrastructure supplier Minkels has signed a major new agreement with data center integrator ICTroom. Minkels, which has headquarters in Veghel, Netherlands, is a Legrand company. Legrand bills itself as providing “total solutions for data center infrastructure” and has branches in the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Its suite of services includes its VariCondition cooling solutions, Varicon housing options, VariconPower power distribution solutuions and its VariControl monitoring solutions. Minkels has entered into an EMEA channel partner agreement with ICTroom.

ICTroom, which has headquarters in Lijnden, Netherlands, was established in 2001. The company designs, builds, and operates data centers and computer rooms that meet its customers’ exact business requirements. The centers also accommodate how they might be used in the future. ICTroom has delivered over 250 data centers globally to both international and domestic customers. The Solution Partnership between Minkels and ICTroom is aimed at enhancing the cooperation between the two companies and offering customers the “ultimate deployment flexibility required for setting up future-proof data centers”.

"We see ICTroom as a knowledge organisation with a vision that fits well with the philosophy and methodology of Minkels,” explained Minkels Export Director at Business Unit Manager Netherlands, Ramon de Groot. “Our engineers are finding each other more often and are thus working together on integrated designs, for example in the area of data center security. With the Solution Partnership, we seal our good relationship. We have high expectations of our partnership in the EMEA region."

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