Data Center Operations Company OnRamp Meets US Hurricane Season with Additional Security

July 19, 2013
Data Center Operations Company OnRamp Meets US Hurricane Season with Additional Security
Data center operations company OnRamp is meeting the 2013 Hurricane Season in the United States with additional security. While June and July are traditionally not the peak period for hurricanes, there is still the possibility that certain storms will gain in strength. The Austin, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina-based company, whose services include managed hosting solutions, is catering to companies in US coastal regions who are establishing continuity plans that include a managed hosting provider to keep services online when disaster strikes.

Established in 1994, OnRamp provides connectivity that facilitates distributed computing. The company's services include colocation, cloud computing, high security hosting and disaster recovery services. Its managed hosting services leverage HP, Dell, Cisco, NetApp and EMC hardware. They also provide "redundant power, multi-homed bandwidth over fully meshed networks, and around-the-clock monitoring for 100% uptime". Its onsite engineers ensure managed hosting solutions are fully available, which is especially important for disaster recovery.

“Whether OnRamp serves as a company’s primary data storage site, or as a secondary site for managed hosting purposes, we make sure every IT operation is safely running 24/7/365,” explained OnRamp's founder Chad Kissinger. “For companies who do not host their IT operations in a geographically stable part of the country, there is a risk of downtime associated with natural disasters that can result in a loss of revenue, or worse, force them to shut down their business altogether.”

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