Data Center Services and Web Hosting Provider Unisecure Scores Big on Customer Satisfaction

October 8, 2017
Data Center Services and Web Hosting Provider Unisecure Scores Big on Customer Satisfaction
Data center services and web hosting provider Unisecure has scored big on customer satisfaction. Unisecure, which has headquarters in New York, United States, was established in 1997. The company prides itself on offering affordable services like dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and colocation from a cloud platform entirely based in the United States. The company caters to 50,000 customers globally and employs around 650 people. Its most recent customer survey revealed what the company is calling “a new record in customer satisfaction”.

Unisecure’s survey suggested that an enormous 86% of customers were “satisfied” with company. The survey measured Unisecure’s customers’ satisfaction with the products and services they received, and addressed areas like after sales service, and customers’ “business relationship” with Unisecure’. Technical support was also considered as was “the value execution proportion of a product or service” and whether products or services “met or surpassed” customers’ requirements.

"Customers not only look at product and price while making a decision about a purchase,” explained Unisecure’s Head of Business Development, Olivia. “They also prefer customer service, especially with the virtual private cloud hosting services. This survey was conducted to understand the experience of our customers with our services and if they have any suggestion where we can improve their experience. We are glad that the result came out at the positive side”. Our customers are happy and satisfied with our services”.

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