Data Center Solution Provider Minkels To Show Next Generation Cold Corridor® at Data Center World 2013

February 26, 2013
Data Center Solution Provider Minkels To Show Next Generation Cold Corridor® at Data Center World 2013
Data center solution provider Minkels has announced the introduction of the Next Generation Cold Corridor®. The Netherlands-based company's solution for data centers offers flexible aisle containment which separates hot and cold airflows for maximum energy efficiency.

Minkels new solution is an extension of its Cold Corridor® system launched in 2006 at CeBIT. The Next Generation Cold Corridor optimizes energy efficiency through a modular design, and the system will be shown at Data Centre World 2013, which takes place in London on 27 and 28 February, 2013.

With development in data center dynamics, data centers now require scalable and flexible solutions that allow upscaling and downscaling as required. Minkels' new design incorporates a number of client-specific solutions that were originally developed as projects. The solution's modular approach enables staged and cost efficient implementation of Cold Corridor solutions with phased implementation of row-based cooling which can be adapted to any building environment.

Minkels Research and Development staff have improved airflow management in the new solution, making it more energy efficient than earlier Cold Corridor models. It also incorporates roof panels designed to achieve high levels of light transmission and the rapid installation of monitoring sensors. A number of additional options are also available including integration with different types of fire extinguishing, security, access control and airtightness systems.

“The launch of our first aisle containment concept at the 2006 CeBiT served as the basis for our own further development as a supplier of a wide portfolio of energy-efficient, total data centre solutions,” explained Minkels CEO Jeroen Hol. "The Next Generation Cold Corridor is yet another huge step forwards for Minkels. And we intend to expand our portfolio of modular-based solutions for the data centre environment even further in the foreseeable future".

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