Data Center Solutions Provider QTS Realty Trust Now Offers Cisco Powered Services

February 27, 2016
Data Center Solutions Provider QTS Realty Trust Now Offers Cisco Powered Services
Data center solutions provider QTS Realty Trust (QTS) now offers Cisco Powered services. QTS, which has corporate headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, United States, specializes in “flexible, scalable, secure IT solutions for web and IT applications”. It offers a range of options including, colocation, cloud, hybrid cloud and fully managed services which it provides to around 1,000 customers globally through 24 data centers. QTS has “expanded its portfolio of Cisco Powered services with its QTS Managed Hosting solution”, a component of its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.

Cisco Powered services ‘minimize technology lifecycle complexity’ and offer ‘end-to-end security to reduce cost and risk’. QTS’ new service allows it to offer customers the ability to address their business needs through a broad selection of cloud capabilities. A certified Advanced Cisco® Cloud and Managed Services Program (CMSP) partner, QTS can has had to meet Cisco's highest standards by completing a ‘rigorous third-party audit of its services’ to be able to offer its new options.

"We are pleased to announce the expansion of the QTS Cisco Powered portfolio with the addition of our Managed Hosting solution," explained QTS’ Vice President, Business Development, Mr. Frank Eagle. "Having our cloud platform's best-of-breed architecture meet Cisco's strict standards is a validation of QTS' approach to cloud and managed services and our commitment to providing our customers scalable, secure and compliant solutions."

QTS acquired Carpathia Hosting, Inc. for approximately $326 million in 2015.

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