Data Protection Provider Acronis Launches New Cloud Partner Program

February 5, 2016
Data Protection Provider Acronis Launches New Cloud Partner Program
Data protection provider Acronis has launched a new cloud partner program. Acronis, whose headquarters are in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States, was established in 2003. The company is a hybrid cloud data protection specialist and offers a range of products including backup, disaster recovery, and secure access solutions, each underpinned by its proprietary ‘AnyData Engine’. The company caters to around 5 million customers globally with services that also include migration, cloning and replication. Its new ‘Partner Program for Cloud’ is an extension of Acronis’ ‘Global Partner Program’.

The new multi-tiered program is “designed to accelerate cloud data protection services revenue with a subscription model for service providers, distributors and cloud resellers” in a market that is projected to be worth grow to $8.1 billion by 2019. The program offers partners the marketing, sales and training tools they require to successfully sell Cloud Data Protection Services and offers a range of incentives for those that do. The program “supports any deployment model, including service provider-hosted, Acronis-hosted and hybrid, and any business model with licensing flexibility”.

“We’ve taken our vast expertise in managed services and built a best-in-class partner program for service providers that extends our global partner program and makes it easier than ever for partners to move to the cloud,” explained Acronis’ Chief Marketing Officer, John Zanni. “We are 100% focused on the cloud partner model. Our goal is to bring thousands of new service provider partners and cloud resellers onboard worldwide in 2016.”

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