Data Recovery Firm Inks Deal with Nuke-Maker Sandia Labs

July 8, 2005
July 8, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - For web hosting providers looking for a reliable data recovery solution ActionFront Data Recovery Labs may have the answer you're looking for. At least as far as Sandia National Labs, makers of the nuclear bomb and the magnetic pulse gun or rail gun, are concerned their solution is sound as the governments top maker of big nasty weapons inked a to provide technical assistance for Sandia’s data recovery capabilities.

If the data recovery abilities of ActionFront are sufficient for a company with a gun that can accelerate small aluminum plates at 34 kilometers per second, faster than the Earth travels through space with an impact that generates a shock wave -- in some cases, reaching 15 million times atmospheric pressure -- that passes through the target material turning matter into various states almost instantly (solids into liquids, liquids into gas, and even gas into plasma) then their solutions should be good enough for most day to day needs of a typical web hosting company.

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