Data Storage Company Jumble Cloud Launches Secure Cloud Storage Solution

March 30, 2016
Data Storage Company Jumble Cloud Launches Secure Cloud Storage Solution
Data storage company Jumble Cloud has launched a new secure cloud storage solution. Jumble Cloud, which has headquarters in Switzerland, was established in 2015. The company provides a range of proprietary and ‘patent pending’ technologies that encrypt data and make it invisible to “everyone except the owner”.

Jumble Cloud’s solution “goes beyond traditional redundancy techniques” and provides complete security and full back up capability. The company claims it is “the industry’s first and only 100% secure cloud storage solution”. Jumble Cloud technology reduces data to a series of packets which are “mathematically impossible to reconstruct” without its algorithm.

Available free of charge, Jumble Cloud’s solutions can be used in conjunction with key cloud storage providers such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive.

“Jumble Cloud represents a milestone in solving the problem of cloud security,” explained Jumble Cloud’s Founder Maurizio Zuzzaro. “We are thrilled to finally be able to provide corporations and individual users with a secure and reliable option for storing their information on the cloud storage provider of their choice. With Jumble Cloud, the user has full control of their information. Our technology opens the door to a new level of secure cloud storage, and unforeseen applications of our solution.”

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