Database Security Provider HexaTier Announces Launch of HexaTier 4.0

February 27, 2016
Database Security Provider HexaTier Announces Launch of HexaTier 4.0
Database security provider HexaTier has announced the launch of HexaTier 4.0. The company, whose headquarters are in Bnei Berak, Israel, and which has a U.S. presence in Irvine, California, bills itself as setting “the industry standard for database security and compliance in the cloud”. Founded in 2009, its proprietary Database Reverse Proxy technology protects data from a range of threats.

The company caters to a 200-strong global customer base with services that include ‘database security, dynamic data masking, database activity monitoring (DAM) and discovery of sensitive data’. Its new HexaTier 4.0 solution offers a range of features that address its customers’ Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) adoption requirements.

HexaTier 4.0 enables companies’ database administrators to establish individual and group policies that facilitate ‘rapid user onboarding for cloud computing and DBaaS platform adoption initiatives’. The solution is able to select existing policies and utilize them for DBaaS instances. It also utilizes database firewall and database access control to block SQL injections and protects databases. In addition, the solution monitors systems for sensitive data, locating and classifying such data based on established regulations. It also automates compliance through audits.

"We've built a robust, unified database security and compliance solution to meet scalability and massive user needs for enterprises exploring moving their databases to the cloud or those already operating there," explained HexaTier’s CTO and founder, David Maman. "Our innovative software approach simplifies installation, operation and maintenance, eliminates the need for any additional hardware, and can scale with the same agility that cutting edge enterprises demand when provisioning temporary or permanent instances of cloud-based databases."

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