Database Software Company DataStax Acquires Cloud NoSQL Database Service Provider DataScale

November 20, 2016
Database Software Company DataStax Acquires Cloud NoSQL Database Service Provider DataScale
Database software company DataStax has acquired cloud NoSQL database service provider DataScale. DataStax, which has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, United States is the “database technology of choice” for more than 500 companies globally including major names like Netflix, Safeway, ING, Adobe, Intuit, Target and eBay. While it has announced DataStax’s acquisition of DataScale would bring “technology and industry expertise” to the company, financial aspects of the deal were not released.

Alongside news of the acquisition DataStax has announced plans for a DataStax Managed Cloud. Underpinned by the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) software platform, DataStax Managed Cloud will “provide customers with the full capabilities of DSE in a managed cloud service” allowing DataStax’s customers to “exploit their hybrid cloud datacenter plans with DSE acting as the common data layer for their cloud applications” both on-premise, in a public cloud infrastructure, or in a hybrid configuration. The new service will be available in early 2017 and offered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

“At DataStax, we recognize that delivering cloud applications at a global scale is critically important, and that’s why we’ve decided to introduce a fully-managed, comprehensive data service offering to help our customers transform their businesses even faster,” explained DataStax’s CEO Billy Bosworth. “DataStax is thrilled to welcome to our team the experienced engineers and senior leaders at DataScale. Together we will accelerate our customers’ ability to deliver cloud applications that provide real-time value, by offering another powerful option for deploying and managing those systems at epic scale.”

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