Datacenter Company HostDime Announces New Guadalajara, Mexico Datacenter

April 19, 2013
Datacenter Company HostDime Announces New Guadalajara, Mexico Datacenter
Datacenter company, Inc. has announced the launch of a new datacenter in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Orlando, Florida-based company has spent 16 months preparing the new facility and now has approximately 10,000 square feet of Mexican datacenter space.

HostDime was established in 2001 and employs around 250 people in seven countries. The company hosts over 5,000,000 domains through data centers in Colombia, Brazil, India, UK, Hong Kong and the USA. The company's new Mexico datacenter is equipped with UPS systems, full security, and fire suppression systems. It also utilizes a range of green technologies.

HostDime's new facility benefits from multiple Gigabit fiber connections from Mexico's biggest ISP, Telmex, and Mexico's biggest ISP cable network, MegaCable. Its POD design enables efficient scalability, with multiple PODs housing HostDime dedicated servers, public and private cloud server and VPS server options, and also housing client hardware through the company's colocation options.

“Establishing this state of the art datacenter in Mexico was vital in our expansion plans,” explained Manny Vivar, Vice President of Global Operations at HostDime. “Mexico is a strong emerging market in Latin America. Local companies doing business in Mexico need the datacenter infrastructure to deploy their applications in the cloud. HostDime is one of the very few companies who actually physically operate a datacenter in Mexico. We wanted to deliver our decades of experience in datacenters to one of the fastest growing technology markets in all of the Americas. The demand for your business presence in Mexico has never been more promising than today.”

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