Dedicated Servers Company Superb Internet Launches Lease to Own Program

October 22, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Superb Internet announced today the extension of its existing industry-leading lease-to-own program to all of its dedicated servers. The existing lease-to-own program, until now only offered on the Superb Enterprise high-end/custom dedicated line of servers, allows – as of today, all — dedicated server customers to pay a small lease to own fee for a year and then at the end of one year they own the hardware outright while the monthly fee is reduced to a minimal colocation fee, saving the customers thousands of dollars over the life-time of the server.

This program is particularly well-suited to large partners and resellers who often have hundreds (or thousands) of servers representing huge ongoing monthly costs. Resellers can own all their servers after one year of service, significantly reducing their costs, which they can use to grow their businesses.

“We understand that in tough economic times customers are looking for more and more value, and we believe this is one of the best deals out there,” states William Song, Senior Product Manager. “This represents a paradigm shift in the relationship between customer and web host, offering much more transparency in the billing practices. At other web hosts customers are typically forced to pay outrageous ongoing monthly fees for hardware that is often 3-4 years old. With the Superb lease-to-own program customers always know that they have paid off their hardware after year 1, and the low ongoing fees simply represent, space, power, AC, support, and bandwidth among other costs. If customers wish to upgrade their server they can do so at wholesale rates, and if they decide to leave they can have the server shipped to them, because they own it! Compare that to most companies where customers end up paying thousands of dollars more (many times the cost of the server hardware) and end up with nothing when they cancel.”

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