Deep Software Launches Enhanced Web Analytics Solution

December 3, 2005
December 3, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Canadian company Deep Software ( has introduced a new version of its Deep Log Analyzer. The new version of this web analytics and web site statistics software (version 2.6) offers a number of enhancements, including reports integrated with Microsoft Excel and automation through VBscript and Javascript.

Deep Log Analyzer allows users to establish the behavior of visitors to web sites through production of extensive web site usage statistics. The reports provided by the software include information on accessed site resources, visitor activity, referral sites, search engines referral, keywords, browsers/OSs, search spiders, and server errors. The software offers a range of views that indicate how statistics change on a daily basis and over certain periods of time. Such changes reveal hidden behavior patterns and site managers can use this information to make strategic decisions on the future direction of a site.

Deep Software’s product is suitable for small- to medium-size web sites and offers the flexibility to create custom reports and modify existing reports to more meet the needs of site managers. Discussing the benefits of Deep Log Analyzer, Deep Software's CEO Mr Yuri Martsinovsky suggested, "Privacy is a big advantage of Deep Log Analyzer software over hosted web analytics solutions. Web statistics can be processed inside your company without exposing strategic data to hosted analytics provider company."

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