Demandware Deploys Inkra Virtual Service Switches

February 15, 2005
February 15, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Inkra Networks today announced that Demandware, a technology leader in on demand e-commerce solutions, has deployed Inkra’s Virtual Service Switches as part of their on-demand e-commerce service delivery platform. Demandware selected Inkra’s virtualization technology for its ability to cost-effectively scale to the needs of Demandware’s expanding customer base, as well as the superior service and support offered through Inkra’s JumpStart program.

Demandware provides a complete on-demand ecommerce platform that combines the flexibility, functionality, and interoperability of a full e-commerce application suite with the operating efficiency of a hosted on-demand service. Inkra’s Virtual Service Switch platform virtualizes network services such as firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection and prevention (IDP), load balancing, and more, enabling Demandware to turn up network services for their customers in a matter of hours, not weeks. This enables manufacturers and retailers to deliver advanced custom e-commerce solutions with no upfront capital expenditures and to maintain operating costs that are aligned with business results.

“To date, the underlying model for delivering e-commerce solutions has not adapted to today's business requirements,” said Stephan Schambach, President and CEO, Demandware. “Inkra’s Virtual Service Switches enable us to cost-effectively scale e-commerce systems up and down depending on the customer’s needs, eliminating the overhead of unused infrastructure and time spent re-configuring complex network appliances.”

E-commerce systems need the capacity to handle very large volumes during peak selling periods, which often only last for short periods, forcing companies to make large upfront investments in underutilized hardware, software, and operating personnel. Inkra helps provide Demandware the flexibility to adapt as their customers’ demands change, allowing customers to get only the services they want and pay only for what they use. Unlike existing turnkey hosted e-commerce options, implementing e-commerce solutions with Demandware allows for customizing the solution to each customer's unique business needs.

“Demandware’s innovative approach to e-commerce system delivery is representative of a major shift occurring in managed services, and Inkra’s virtualization technology is once again at the core of another on-demand initiative,” said Keith Higgins, VP of Marketing at Inkra. “Inkra Virtual Service Switches play a key role in Demandware’s ability to adapt to the specific needs of their customers.“

Inkra’s Virtual Service Switches – which provide the functionality of hundreds of legacy network appliances – will enable Demandware to keep infrastructure and operational costs down as their customer base continues to expand.

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