DemoWolf Announces another Web Hosting Partnership

January 22, 2006
January 22, 2006 - (HOSTSEARCH) - Online tutorial specialists DemoWolf ( have announced yet another partnership with a web hosting provider, this time, a web hosting company specializing in reseller plans and offering dedicated servers to small and medium-sized web hosting companies.

"We are continuing our push to partner with many of the leading web hosting companies in the reseller and dedicated server markets," suggested Rob Moore, DemoWolf President. "Part of our growth strategy is to get noticed in the web hosting industry, particularly by companies that provide web hosting as a service.” customers will be able to offer their customers DemoWolf’s flash tutorials as the first line of support for their enquiries, reducing the number of support tickets they receive. The relationship between the two companies means customers have access to competitively priced DemoWolf tutorials branded with their own logos.

"We want to provide our customers with all the tools they need to be successful web hosting providers," says Rachel Daghir, President of "With DemoWolf tutorials on their websites, our customers will be able to offer better, faster support to their customers. We are proud to be able to offer these tutorials at discounted prices to our customers.”

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