DemoWolf partners with SoftAir Software Development

January 8, 2006
January 8, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – DemoWolf, currently active in producing demos for the web hosting industry, has partnered with software development company SoftAir Ltd., a specialist in installations that customize the look and feel of Kayako SupportSuite. Kayako SupportSuite is a PHP application used by web hosting providers as a customer management and support portal.

"The people at SoftAir are experts at integrating PHP web applications with existing website structures," said Rob Moore, President of DemoWolf. "We are proud to be associated with SoftAir, as they provide our customers with a means to seamlessly integrate their add-on web applications with the rest of their websites. That way, all pages within a customer's website will have the same look and feel, including any additional third party web applications that have been added.”

The partnership will mean that SoftAir customers will receive preferential prices on all DemoWolf tutorials. "DemoWolf demos are by far a superior product than tutorials produced by anyone else," suggested Juan Rodriguez, owner of SoftAir Ltd. "Our customers will be particularly pleased with the extent of customization available through DemoWolf, as they will produce demos for virtually any application.”

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