DemoWolf Releases "Updating DNS" Tutorials for Web Hosting Providers

March 20, 2006
March 20, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – DemoWolf (, a provider of Flash tutorials, has announced their launch of a series of tutorials entitled "Updating DNS". The tutorials provide explicit instructions on how to update domain name DNS settings at a range of popular domain name registrar websites and are geared towards providing support to web hosting providers’ customers.

"With these DNS tutorials on their support websites, web hosting companies will be able to offer their customers a visual "how-to" guide on how to update their domain name's DNS settings, in order to get their domain name pointing to their new hosting account," suggested Rob Moore, DemoWolf’s President. "Instead of customers calling their web host's toll free support line, or submitting a trouble ticket for help in changing their domain name's DNS settings, they can simply launch the appropriate DNS tutorial, and watch a demonstration on how it's done.”

The DNS series is custom branded with a web host's company logo and comes as a set of 14 tutorials, each demonstrating the DNS setting process at a separate domain name registrar. The tutorials extend DemoWolf's suite of products which include CPanel, WebHost Manager, Direct Admin, Direct Admin Reseller, and FTP tutorials.

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