Denny Lee Joins the Advisory Board of Big Data Solutions Company MetiStream

December 29, 2016
Denny Lee Joins the Advisory Board of Big Data Solutions Company MetiStream
Mr. Denny Lee has joined the Advisory Board of Big Data solutions company MetiStream. MetiStream, which was founded in 2014, has headquarters in Washington DC, United States. The company focuses on healthcare and helps its customers by “making Big Data solutions more accessible”. It specializes in offerings that are Hadoop-related and leverage Open Source technologies (such as Apache Spark). One of its primary services is ‘Ember’ - a healthcare analytics framework. Mr. Lee formerly worked with Databricks and currently works for Microsoft where he is Principal Program Manager for the Azure DocumentDB team.

Mr. Lee has a Masters of Biomedical Informatics from Oregon Health and Sciences University. Over the last 15 years he has been involved in designing and implementing “powerful data solutions” for healthcare business customers. He has over 18 years experience with on-premise and cloud infrastructure data platforms. He has also worked for Concur as Senior Director of Data Sciences Engineering.

“As we build out our offerings and capabilities in areas such as healthcare analytics, we are excited to have Denny as part of our team of advisors,” explained the CEO of MetiStream, Chiny Driscoll. “Denny brings a unique insight and deep technical understanding of Big Data technologies, cloud, analytics and machine learning and how those technologies can be applied in healthcare use cases.”

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