Device-to-cloud Cybersecurity Company McAfee Suggests 25% of Organizations Had Data Stolen from the Public Cloud

April 17, 2018
Device-to-cloud Cybersecurity Company McAfee Suggests 25% of Organizations Had Data Stolen from the Public Cloud
Device-to-cloud cybersecurity company McAfee LLC (McAfee) has suggested that around 25% of all organizations had data stolen from the public cloud at some stage. McAfee, which has headquarters in Santa Clara, California, United States, was established in 1987. It is best known for its products that protect PCs from a range of cyberthreats. The company was founded by John McAfee, an Internet pioneer and a genuinely colorful character. Recently the company was in the news for bringing its cloud security platform to Microsoft Azure – a public cloud solution. News of the data theft came from McAfee’s third annual cloud adoption and security report entitled: ‘Navigating a Cloudy Sky: Practical Guidance and the State of Cloud Security’.

McAfee’s report discusses cloud adoption and considers the concerns people have regarding private and public cloud services. The survey took in “more than 1,400 information technology (IT) professionals” and produced a range of interesting data. It suggested that 97% of organizations surveyed utilize cloud services, an increase from 93% 12 months ago. The survey also suggested 83% of those surveyed keep ‘sensitive data’ in the public cloud. When asked about keeping sensitive data secure, 69% suggested they trusted the public cloud to keep data secure. It also revealed that a massive “one in four organizations has experienced data theft from the public cloud” while 20% of recipients had at some stage been subject to an “advanced attack against its public cloud infrastructure”.

“Despite the clear prevalence of security incidents occurring in the cloud, enterprise cloud adoption is pressing on,” explained McAfee’s Senior Vice President of the Cloud Security Business Unit, Rajiv Gupta. “By implementing security measures that allow organizations to regain visibility and control of their data in the cloud, businesses can leverage the cloud to accelerate their business and improve the security of their data.”

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