Digipede Network Becomes the First Distributed Computing Solution Based on .NET

February 14, 2005
February 14, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Digipede Technologies announced the unveiling of their new Digipede Network at the DEMO@15! fair. A software tool that parcels out the most complex computing jobs across a network by dynamically allocating the computing power of both dedicated and idle resources. The software requires no consultants, scripting, custom configuration or on-site implementation help.

The Digipede Network is the first commercial distributed computing solution based entirely on Microsoft .NET.

The Digipede Network consists of three parts: the Digipede Agents, which manage each of the individual desktops, servers or cluster nodes and the tasks that run on them; the Digipede Server, which is responsible for managing the workflow throughout the system; and the Digipede Workbench, through which users can define and run jobs.

Each Agent gathers key information about the computer on which it runs, including hardware, software, and data resources available locally. Using this information, the Agent chooses the best work for that computer.

"Despite the hype surrounding Linux as the default platform for distributed computing, there is a real need for a Windows-based solution," says Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO@15! "Digipede not only is the first to introduce a commercial distributed computing solution for Microsoft .NET, but they are lowering the point of entry, so everyone can take advantage of its benefits. Whether you're a company that needs to distribute applications across 5,000 servers and desktops or a small department with five computers, the Digipede Network makes distributed computing a reality today."

Richard L. Ptak, principal analyst at Ptak, Noel & Associates adds, "Today, companies are building utility and distributed computing environments to get the most out of existing hardware platforms; however, complexity and dependence on Unix platforms limits the applicability. Most Windows-centric shops need an alternative that delivers distributed computing as a competitively priced, consultant-free, software package that takes full advantage of their Windows infrastructure without compromising security."

Pricing for the Digipede Network
Team Edition starts at $995 for a system licensing one Digipede Server and five Agents; additional Agents can be licensed for $199 each.

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