Digital Insight Turns Online Banking Over to Non-Technical Staff

March 15, 2005
March 15, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Apparently online banking provider, Digital Insight Corp., never got the word that hackers stole the computer login names and passwords of LexisNexis business customers to access billions of personal digital records stored within its Boca Raton computer center and Bank of America lost computer data tapes in December with the Social Security numbers and home addresses of about 1.2 million federal government charge-card accounts.

Today Digitial Insight introduced Web Center, a new Web site management platform that gives non-technical staff at financial institutions real-time control over their organization's Web presence. Digital Insight Web Center features a complete content management system with content editing and change workflows, including permission-driven controls to edit, review, preview and publish content.

"The savings we'll achieve from avoiding custom Web site coding will allow us to invest in other member driven products," said Tim Mogler, Internet marketing specialist for Centris Credit Union. "Having dynamic control at our fingertips enables us to proactively deliver the ever-changing online content our members demand."

While it’s true that most often the end user is to blame when it comes to falling for a phishing attack there have been so many identity thefts from large corporations of late one has to wonder about the wisdom of putting non-technical staff in charge of web development.

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