Directi Announces Free Reseller API access with Integration Kits

December 2, 2003
Directi (, an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar, now provides all its Resellers with free API access and easy-to-implement integration kits in various platforms.

This API allows Directi Resellers to host the entire Domain Name Purchase and Management process on their servers and register/manage Domain Names in real time, remotely. Ready made, downloadable API Integration kits have been made available in PHP and Java, while kits for ASP, .NET and Perl are under development. Any application may be developed and integrated using these API kits to process, manage, renew and transfer Domain Names using automated calls from any machine.

These integration kits run out of the box, and require no knowledge about distributed computing or protocol implementations. The kits maybe simply downloaded and integrated into the existing forms of the Reseller using simple includes and function calls. The API protocol implementation itself is SOAP-XML based, thus allowing complete platform independence and communication using ANY language or Operating System.

"The API implementation has been designed after carefully investigating alternative offerings in the market," says Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, Directi. "No other API comes close to ours in terms of simplicity in design, flexibility in operation, and ease of integration. With our API offering and comprehensive feature set, Directi today offers the BEST Domain Name Reseller program amongst all ICANN Accredited Registrars worldwide"

Directi currently serves over 3600 Resellers in over 187 countries. Directi is the only Domain Registrar to offer Resellers the ability to create true infinite levels of Sub-Resellers and Customers, each with their own branded Storefront and Control Panels, with complete billing management, payment collection, and 3rd party Payment Gateway Integration modules, all at prices as low as $6.49 per Domain Name.

About Directi

Directi a privately held Web Services company founded in 1998 is one of the fastest growing Domain Name Registration Service Providers worldwide. DirectI's domain registration strategy focuses on Resellers and Low Prices. Directi's Service Portfolio includes Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting Automation Products, Payment Gateway Services, Colocation, Digital Certificates, Managed DNS Services, Domain Forwarding, Mail Solutions and various other services.


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