DirectI Cuts Prices on .IN Domains for Resellers

February 23, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) –, a web services provider and ICANN accredited registrar, today announced promotional pricing through March 15th for .IN domains for its resellers at $12.99.

“In line with the DirectI tradition of providing the most competitive prices in the domain name industry, this special pricing is just another way of aiding our resellers with an added advantage. With the rush and demand for .IN domains increasing by the minute, these prices would offer tremendous flexibility and affordability to our resellers,” said Divyank Turakhia, President and Director,

The promotion will benefit more than 18,000 resellers thereby enhancing DirectI’s ‘competitive and aggressive’ brand image in the domain name space.

Post 15th March, DirectI will be switching to a slab-based pricing model that is already in use for the other TLDs that it sells through its global chain of resellers.

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