Disk Imaging and Enhanced Data Protection Advisor Functionality in Handy Backup Software

January 24, 2012
January 24, 2012 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Novosoft, a corporation providing security solutions development and natural language processing, releases the edition of the latest version of Handy Backup, the software program for reliable files backup. The software now has extended image backup functions with special protection against backup administration crash ( OS and user mistakes in Linux and Windows) and professional backup report service.

"Really that is the exactly case when you don't need be Sherlock Holmes to show where the tool is heading on the basis of program changes you may observe. In recent times, there have been presented Handy Backup plug-ins for operating system and for files backup. Now we offer you extended disaster restore, which is secured against almost all kind of bad luck this type of file security has been so sensitive earlier," said Alexander Prichalov, the vice president of Novosoft Software Department.

"Future? The days when image backups were as cold as an ex-girl's love are to finish much faster than you suppose," noticed Mr. Prichalov.

The freshly produced edition of the Handy Backup program offers extended image backup (http://www.handybackup.net/image-backup.shtml ) functions and reliable files security manager capability. The disaster restore release offers reliable security from operating system and user bugs in the hard disk imaging procedure: even if Handy Backup interrupts link with the server while loading a software part, then it will right continue as soon as there is the connection.

The freshly installed file security manager options have intelligent report solution sending users on the stage of files management projects in the program interface or via email backup reports. The last ones arrive rightly even if the safe SSL is the one used.

Usually, the Handy Backup feature for image backup may be recieved either as a piece of Home Professional or Enterprise solutions, or separately of the main application, as a standalone tool called Disaster Recovery.

About Handy Backup

Handy Backup is a line of data backup software solutions for home and business. The software family is commonly recognized as one of the market's most powerful collection of utilities. The product prices are from $0 for Handy Backup for Android to $599 for Handy Backup Network Server. The present version is 7.0.15.

About Novosoft

Established in 1992, Novosoft LLC specializes in software development and IT consultancy services. The software line includes products for automatic data backup, metrology automation, and many several others. Among Novosoft's partners and clients there are big names like NASA, Stanford University, Microsoft, IBM, and many others.

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