DNS and Traffic Management Solution Provider NS1 Launches Domain Security Suite

March 18, 2019
DNS and Traffic Management Solution Provider NS1 Launches Domain Security Suite
DNS and traffic management solution provider NS1 has launched a new service - ‘Domain Security Suite’. NS1 has headquarters in New York, United States alongside a presence in San Francisco, California, and Singapore. The company’s customers include major names like DropBox and SalesForce and it offers an intelligent DNS and traffic management platform which delivers full control over applications. Its services extend to managed DNS, load balancing, DDoS protection, and disaster recovery. The new Domain Security Suite is designed to protect companies from DNS attacks.

NS1’s new end-to-end DNS solution is a turnkey service offering features that manage all aspects of DNS. The solution protects users from a range of threats including DNS hijacking and cache poisoning. Each of the system’s features are available through a single control panel. “According to Nexusguard’s 2018 Threat Report, the average size of a DDoS attack last year grew by 500%, to more than 26Gbps,” explained Jonathon Lewis, VP of Product Marketing on the NS1 website.

“Pair that with reports that only about 38% of global businesses claim they’re actually ready to tackle a sophisticated cyber attack and you start to understand how important it is for organizations to assess their overall cybersecurity posture and identify existing gaps in protection,” he added. “The challenge we face, however, is that as the threat landscape evolves and technology along with it, so too do the tactics used by bad actors; leaving much to be desired in terms of comprehensive cybersecurity”.

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