Domain Name and Web Hosting Provider Surveys U.S. “Baby Boomers”

April 12, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Domain name registrar and web hosting provider ( has conducted a survey of U.S. “baby boomers” to establish attitudes to owning websites. The results of the survey indicate that while many people are willing to use the Internet, a significant number are less likely to want to run a website.

The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, took in people between ages of 42 and 60. The survey suggested 61% of baby boomers who do not have websites would consider establishing one to “make money, as a hobby or pastime, or to keep in touch with friends and family”. The survey did though indicate the issues stopping baby boomers from launching a site.

Chief concern amongst those asked was expense and complexity – 27% of those surveyed without sites suggested they would be “more likely to consider launching a web site if it were less expensive” while and equal number suggested “they would be more likely to consider launching a web site if it were less complicated.” 23% suggested they might launch a web site if it were less time-consuming to manage. "This study suggests that many baby boomers have the desire to leverage the web and create an online presence for business and pleasure," said Monica Hodges, General Manager of Retail for’s survey results indicate that although web hosts in general are supplying the tools required for people to establish websites in a cost-effective fashion and with minimum fuss, there is still a perception amongst a significant number of people that the Internet is out of their reach financially and beyond the scope of their ability. Clearly, web hosting companies much establish efforts to overcome this perception gap.

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