Domain Name Operator Radix Registry Starts Pre-Registration for .host Domains

June 21, 2013
Domain Name Operator Radix Registry Starts Pre-Registration for .host Domains
Domain name operator Radix Registry has started pre-registration for .host domains - the new Top-level domain (TLD) intended specifically for the web hosting industry. Radix believes that .host will become the ‘preferred domain extension’ for web hosts, cloud service providers, data centers, and other business types involved in the hosting industry.

Research suggests that over 325,000 domains (.com, .net, etc.) include the term ‘host’ while another 137,000 domains include the term ‘hosting’. Clearly, having a domain name with the .host extension would be beneficial to the owners of these domains.

Radix Registry (Radix FZC) is an ICANN registered domain provider and has applied for 31 new, top level domains including .web, .music, .blog, and .shop. The organization unveiled the new .host domain extension at key industry trade show and conference, HostingCon 2013. The organization also announced pre-registration for .host domains is now available through the domain name’s website.

Pre-registration is free and represents an ‘expression of interest’ in a specific domain rather than a firm order or a reservation. People who pre-register will though receive updates on the domain extension’s actual launch to improve their chances of registering the name they want.

“The hosting industry is one of the most internet dependent industries, with a majority of its lead generation, marketing and customer engagement activities taking place online,” explained Radix Registry’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, Bhavin Turakhia. “We were really surprised to find out that we were sole applicants for such a powerful extension. The team worked extra hard to move up our pre-registration and make it coincide with Hostingcon.”

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