Domain Name Provider and Web Host Namecheap Launches ‘Beast Mode’ Bulk Domain Name Search Tool

June 16, 2019
Domain Name Provider and Web Host Namecheap Launches ‘Beast Mode’ Bulk Domain Name Search Tool
ICANN-accredited domain name provider and web host Namecheap has announced the launch of ‘Beast Mode’ - a new bulk domain name search tool. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Namecheap’s main activity is domain registration, but the company offers services that include SSL certificates and website building tools. Additionally, it offers a world-class proprietary managed WordPress hosting solution: ‘EasyWP’. Established in 2001, it was in the news late last year for partnering with Creative Cloud provider Adobe. Its new tool is designed to help domain investors find the domains they need.

According to the company, Beast Mode is a “game-changing” solution. It is the “fastest and most comprehensive bulk search tool on the market” allowing users to use up 5,000 keywords to search for domain names at any one time. Beast Mode also offers the ability to ‘share’ searches, which is ideal for teams working in different geographical locations. Typically similar tools offered by other providers only allow searches of up to 1,000 keywords.

“Beast Mode turns finding the perfect business domain name into an inspiring and clever process. Easily search of thousands of domain names in the blink of an eye, filtering and prioritizing, and discover new ideas with tools like Beast Mode’s prefix and suffix generator, and domain hack finder,” explained a company press release. It allows users to search for domains “en masse” and quickly eliminate unwanted domains from their search results. The tool is designed to be “blazingly fast” and offers lists of domains with various prefixes and suffixes.

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