Domain Name Provider Namecheap Asks ICANN to Reconsider Pricing Cap Decision

July 30, 2019
Domain Name Provider Namecheap Asks ICANN to Reconsider Pricing Cap Decision
Domain name provider Namecheap has asked ‘The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) to reconsider its decision to remove pricing caps on certain domain names. Namecheap is located in Phoenix, Arizona, United States and manages more than 10 million domains. Established in 2001, the company was in the news earlier this year for introducing the ‘.inc’ top-level domains (TLDs) designed for US businesses. It also offers managed WordPress hosting and SSL certificate options. Namecheap’s request to ICANN covers contracts for ‘.org’ and ‘.info’ domain names.

Nonprofit ICANN coordinates and maintains procedures for the bulk of the domains used to support Internet websites. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, United States, the organization is responsible for the security and stability of the Internet as far as the network of domains is concerned. Namecheap filed a ‘Reconsideration Request’ with ICANN because it feels it would be negatively impacted by the removal of ‘.org’ and ‘.info’ pricing caps and the potential for future price increases. Namecheap suggested that the move would add uncertainty to the domain market and adversely affect domain users.

Namecheap’s request to ICANN read as follows: “Namecheap is submitting this reconsideration request to protect the rights and interests of Namecheap’s customers and the entire internet community. Price caps for legacy TLDs have been an integral longstanding foundation for the domain name marketplace, and removing them will result in uncertainty and confusion at a minimum, and in the worst case, increased costs for domain registrants worldwide.” ICANN has yet to respond to the request.

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