Domain Name Provider Namecheap Wants Parents to Register a Name for Their Children

April 17, 2019
Domain Name Provider Namecheap Wants Parents to Register a Name for Their Children
ICANN-accredited domain name provider Namecheap has announced that it wants parents to help “all the future entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, developers, tech gurus” out there by registering a domain name for their children.

Namecheap has headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, United States and was established in 2001. The company is “the second largest retail domain registrar in the world” and also offers hosting and related services such as web builders and SSL certificates. Its latest initiative asks parents to either register “a domain with a baby's name for future investment” or secure “a piece of digital real estate for a kid's first online project”.

Namecheap suggests that by parents buying a domain name for their children they overcome the first hurdle to a child establishing an online presence. According to the company “there has never been a better time for parents to share and experience the Internet with their children” and to drive its message home the company is offering a promotion which provides discounted prices on 14 ‘Top Level Domains‎’ (TLDs), including .com, .net, and .org domains.

Namecheap suggests that parents registering a domain under their children's’ names could lead to “amazing things”. To support parents in this endeavor they can download a kit that will get them started. This includes a ‘Download Safety Checklist’ and instructions on how to register a domain for a child. There is also an online checklist entitled "Securing Your Child's Digital Footprint."

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