Domain Name Registrar AlpNames Becomes Second Largest New gTLD Registrar in the World

January 19, 2016
Domain Name Registrar AlpNames Becomes Second Largest New gTLD Registrar in the World
Domain name registrar Alpnames Limited (AlpNames) has become the second largest new gTLD registrar in the world. AlpNames, which was established in 2013, has head offices on the island of Gibraltar. Alongside a range of services, which includes web hosting, SSL certificates and email, the company manages a domain portfolio of 1 million new gTLD domain names. According to - a website that records the number of new gTLD domains names companies manage and their share of the new domain market - AlpNames has climbed above, LLC (GoDaddy) in the provider ranking for new domains.

The range of domains with new suffixes was launched in 2012 by ICANN, the internet domain name regulatory body. 11.5 million such domain names with 880 new domain suffixes (ranging from ‘.xyz’ to ‘.guru’ and ‘.wtf’) have been registered since then. Alpnames specializes in “new-style domain endings” and in 2015, as a result of customer interest, opened ‘AlpNames Premium’ - an online webstore which “markets highly sought after domain names”. The company is now the second largest provider of such domains with 1,022,281 domains under management and 8.83% of the new gTLD market. This compares with GoDaddy’s 1,006,316 domains and 8.70% of the share. The leading provider is, however, Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd. of China with 2,081,359 domains and 17.99% share.

“GoDaddy is by far the world’s largest and most well-known domain registrar,” explained AlpNames’ Chief Operations Officer, Damon Barnard. “As a relative newcomer in the domain name industry, we are over the moon that our strategy of focusing on new domain endings has enabled us to overhaul GoDaddy so rapidly in what is now becoming a highly lucrative market sector.”

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