Domain Name Registrar and Web Host Upgrades Data Centers

December 22, 2013
Domain Name Registrar and Web Host Upgrades Data Centers
Domain name registrar and web host has upgraded its three data centers. The company, whose services also include secure web hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), semi-dedicated servers, dedicated servers and cloud web hosting, has installed "top-level Cisco routers and switches" alongside public and private peering, emergency UPS and diesel generators to ensure it can maintain services. It has also installed climate control measures, security card access and DVR camera systems alongside ongoing monitoring and support.

eZeDomain customers can sign up for hosting at a data center that best meets their needs. The company maintains a data center facility - the Steadfast data center - in Chicago, Illinois which offers extremely fast page loading times and is an ideal solution for companies and individuals whose website receives visitors from the United States, Canada or Latin America.

eZeDomain also works in conjunction with SISGroup who own one of Australia's key data centers, which is located in Sydney's business district. The center provides an ideal service for websites owners focusing on visitors in Australia and Oceania. The company also partners with a data center in north-west of London in the United Kingdom, which is ideal for those with customers in United Kingdom, Europe or Africa.

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