Domain Name Registrar Bulkregister.Com GM Helps Reunite Abandoned Pets and Owners

September 23, 2005
23 September, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - While the world has focused its attention on the human residents of areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, Eric Rice, GM of B2B domain name registrar is helping facilitate the rescue of abandoned pets and helping reunite them with their owners. He is also helping the Humane Society of South Mississippi rebuild its animal shelter. To provide exposure for his cause Mr Rice is posting daily reports on rescue efforts at “I believe saving these animals is crucial to the ‘emotional’ survival of the people who have lost everything,” said Mr Rice. “We desperately need everyone’s help to buy supplies to find, transport, house, feed, care for and locate the owners of these helpless, starving animals.” BulkRegister previously contributed $10,000 to the Red Cross to assist its disaster relief efforts.

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