Domain Name Registrar Partners with OS Developer CloudLinux and Switches to CloudLinux OS

August 7, 2013
Domain Name Registrar Partners with OS Developer CloudLinux and Switches to CloudLinux OS
Domain name registrar has partnered with Operating System (OS) developer CloudLinux and switched to CloudLinux OS in a bid to improve server stability.

Denver, Colorado-based, ICANN-accredited registrar offers a range of services including web domain registrations, web hosting and a "do-it-yourself SEO experience", all underpinned by ongoing support. The company's switch to CloudLinux OS had immediately improved its load times and stability, and improved the "overall customer experience" of its shared hosting customers.

Shared hosting servers generally cater for a number of customers. Some individual customer accounts might establish websites that utilize the bulk of a shared hosting server's resources (RAM, CPU, disc I/O, etc.). This decreases performance for the other shared hosting accounts on a server. The company's switch to CloudLinux has successfully addressed the drain on resources shared hosting accounts sometimes experience.

Established in 2009, CloudLinux has headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey with a development team based in Donetsk, Ukraine. The company's OS solution is optimized to allow web hosts to offer stable shared hosting services through resource allocation and the isolation of 'bad neighbor' accounts.

“CloudLinux has significantly improved the stability and performance of our shared hosting servers,” explained Software Engineering Senior Director at’, Dave McBreen. “It has been a game changer for our hosting environment.”

“We take pride in our growing relationship with because the company is a lot like CloudLinux,” suggested CloudLinux Founder and CEO, Igor Seletskiy. “ is renowned for its customer support, giving webmasters the assistance they need to get the most from their hosting. However, when problems occur with an OS, maintaining support and service quality is difficult. At CloudLinux, we are very committed to our customers, and, in this case, we used our own excellent customer support team to help eliminate its issues.”

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