Domain Names Provider Tucows Announces Ascio Technologies Acquisition

March 20, 2019
Domain Names Provider Tucows Announces Ascio Technologies Acquisition
Domain names provider Tucows has announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Ascio Technologies. Tucows has global headquarters in Ontario, Canada, a presence in Bonn, Germany and Amsterdam, Netherlands, and offices across the United States. Established in 1993 the company specializes in offering domain names but also offers a range of hosting-related services. These include hosted email, SSL certificates and traditional hosting services. Tucows’ acquired Ascio Technologies from Tysons, Virginia-based cloud and technology solutions provider CSC Digital Brand Services.

Ascio Technologies is an ICANN accredited domain registrar established in 1999. The company manages over two million domain names and offers ‘Domain Portfolio Management’ services through around 600 domain partners that include web hosts. It provides its partners with an “industry leading domain portfolio management structure” which allows them to focus on their core businesses. Ascio Technologies has global headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark alongside offices in London, United Kingdom and Munich, Germany. Tucows’ acquisition of the company was completed this month (March 2019) and reportedly cost over $29 million. This adds around 1.8 million domains to Tucows’ books and extends the company’s footprint further into Europe and the United Kingdom.

“This acquisition makes perfect sense for Ascio’s resellers, our business and our shareholders,” explained the Executive Vice President of Domains at Tucows, David Woroch. “Ascio’s resellers get a customer-focused provider that is investing in its wholesale channel. Tucows gets an excellent business with a deeply experienced team, additional domain products, including more than 50 ccTLDs, and a high-quality customer base that strengthens our European presence. And our shareholders get the benefit of Tucows’ even greater scale and efficiency as the world’s largest wholesale domain registrar.”

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