Domain Registrar and Web Host Web4Africa Announces Bitcoin Payment for Services

May 22, 2019
Domain Registrar and Web Host Web4Africa Announces Bitcoin Payment for Services
ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web host Web4Africa has announced it is now accepting bitcoin payment for its services. With headquarters in Randburg, Gauteng, South Africa, Web4Africa was established in 2002. Alongside South Africa, the company also has data centers in Ghana and Nigeria. Beyond domain registration, the company also offers a range of hosting-related products and services including shared web hosting, colocation, dedicated servers, and Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages. Web4Africa’s introduction of Bitcoin payment applies to each of its offerings.

The Internet is enjoying considerable growth on the African continent. In March 2019 there were just less than half a billion internet users, a huge increase on the 4,514,400 users in December 2000. Despite this growth, banking issues that result in payment problems are “an all too regular issue” in Africa. There has been considerable blockchain and digital currency adoption on the continent, and the introduction of bitcoin payment has given Web4Africa an additional way for customers to make payments.

“The Bitcoin payment ecosystem should encourage further the blossoming entrepreneurship spirit prevalent amongst many African youth,” explained Boitumelo Sebogodi, PR & Marketing Officer at Web4Africa in a company press release. “The safe and secure payment method should appeal to the many that without the use of banking and payment methods many in Europe and other continents take for granted”.

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