Domain Registrar Global Name Registry Offers 'Trial' .name TLDs

July 8, 2005
July 8, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - In a new marketing trend, domain registrar Global Name Registry is offering a free trial, or try-before-you-buy, domain names, breaking long-held traditions in the gTLD Registry market to charge immediately for domain names, such as is the case on .com and .net.

The free trial offer is directed specifically to consumer “owners” in the world - portals, ISPs, Broadband providers – companies accustomed to offering free trial on their services to entice customers to use it and try before they buy.

“A good service needs a good address, and the really good addresses are still available on .name, but long gone on .com”, says Geir Rasmussen, CEO of Global Name Registry. “With the free trial business model, consumer portals can do what was before impossible – give a personalized domain to their entire customer base at once, at no cost”.

“A .name now becomes a free revenue generator, conversion tool, or loyalty add-on for consumer portals worldwide”, informs Hakon Haugnes, President of GNR. “We will be working with companies worldwide to provision millions of .name domains to their user bases, generate loyalty and revenue for our partners and increase distribution of .name”

As a result of this free trial model, ICANN Registrars and ultimately consumer portals, can provision hundreds of thousands, even millions, of .name addresses at a time, whether for blogs, websites or email, at no cost.

Free Trial addresses are being distributed now and consumer portals, ISPs and other interested parties should contact their Registrar or GNR directly for assistance. A list of Registrars can be found on

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