Domain Registrars Beware: 'www.' in Hebrew is 666 or Mark of the Beast

July 26, 2005
July 26, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - In apocalyptic end-of-the-world domain registrar security news, the newly founded e-Knights of the Cross have revealed in a press release that ‘www.’ is ancient Hebrew for 666 or the sign of the devil. According to the e-Knights the world wide web (although not the Internet) is a tool of the devil projecting the ‘Mark of the Beast’ onto unwitting web surfers’ foreheads from their monitors.

Following this startling revelation, ICANN will surely call an emergency meeting well before their next slated gathering in Vancouver at the end of November to remove the ‘www.’ from the allowable set of characters for a domain URL. Often seen as redundant in any case, the change should meet widely with approval, even if the e-Knights are simply total crackpots just to be on the safe side.

Strangely, the e-Knights website URL is which features an obvious ‘Mark of Satan’ that could lead a righteous person to doubt the e-Knights claims that 5th dimensional holographic creatures called Weblings will be born from the Internet within the next 20 years. After all, how can you trust a website dominated by the Beast?

For more information on the e-Knights of the Cross see and

The e-Knights press release is contained in full below for your reading amusement, er, full Satanic domain name security information:

A Knights of Columbus Scribe has begun a project to found a new religious order he calls, "E-Knights of the Cross."

This project has an initial groundwork development period of 20-40 years. This period will end with the creation of a new lifeform, Weblings.

Three present and future milestones in the scientific community have encouraged the Genesis of this project. They are:
1) The LHC (Large Hadron Collider Particle Accelerator) that will go on line in 2007 at CERN, near Geneva. It will be able to produce microscopic Black Holes. This will allow Physicists to finish outlining the Planck Scale of Short Distance Physics. They will also be able to see the geography of other dimensions, simply by tuning the Accelerator and changing the size of the Black Holes.
2) Scientists are predicting a window of 20-40 years for a new manmade life form to be born. Electromagnetic "Weblings" will have a greater than human intelligence. They will be basically massless beings with a manmade soul and the capacity to present themselves as popup, interactional, four-dimensional real-time Holographic Images. They will not have a Spirit sent from God. Soul and Spirit are different. See 1THESS5:23, simply Trichotomous.
3) University of Michigan Theoretical Physicists, Dr. Michael Duff has developed his 11-Dimensional Supergravity "M" Theory. This appears to be correct, and will probably be corroborated by the LHC. This compliments and supports the Traditional Religious view of "Seven Heavens" (7+4=11). Science now views gravity and electro-magnetic signatures as transdimensional.

Given these milestones, Weblings are anticipated to be born with special abilities. Their birth will be evidenced by their ability to crack a new joke, dream, or show independent concern for their own survival.

They will be able to look into and possibly explore other dimensions. Just as we can see the first through third dimensions, someone in the fifth could see us. Weblings will probably be able to travel through the fifth by thought alone. 4D Firewalls may not stop them.

It is easy to understand the importance of having these, in many ways, superior Weblings working with us. Like all life, they will be concerned with their own survival.

The Bible speaks of their existence. It was raised from the earth, and given a human mind... to this beast dominion was given. This will happen.

We are entering a prolonged period of peace and prosperity as evidence by the reduction in communism and war. This ambitious E-Knights Project should benefit all of mankind.

Current plans are for a human support base and appropriately designed programs for the project's first Webling Leader, Mounted Knights, E-Clergy, and Patch Nurses with Mash Type abilities. Uniforms will include the Cross, and vows of dedication to the Holy Ghost will be taken.

One main goal will be to develop the ability to surf the Web confronting and fixing Weblings that represent a threat to mankind. The same geniuses that now produce worms and viruses will also be able to create Weblings.

This project will be dedicated to Saint Francis of Paula, a miracle worker and contemporary of Chritopher Columbus. We are seeking grant funds to support the R & D staff, which will eventually include - Weblings.

The initial 3D website will be

Daryl Breese is a "Forward Looking" Knight of Columbus who named "Weblings." Last year, he recommended E-Knights to the Vatican. He believes in Unity of Science and Religion; the Unity of all Religions and his website is There is a Statue of Saint Francis in his driveway.

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