Offers Free Domain Name Giveaway Contest

June 27, 2005
June 27, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Steve Brown, the proprietor of the DomainBlog.Net website, started the free domain name contest as a way of generating traffic to his website. “You know how it is in business,” Brown explained, “One of the best ways to get people to take notice of what you’re doing is to give something away. Everyone likes getting stuff for free, and a free domain name is probably the most useful free prize anyone could ever want. The bottom line is free contests are fun and exciting, and a free domain name is a really cool prize.”

When asked why the decision was made to resurrect the free domain name contest, Brown replied, “With the original contest, I would choose a domain name from my portfolio to give away as the prize for the contest. That was quite popular for a while, but eventually people got tired of it. I was confused: how could anyone get tired of a contest where you can win an Internet domain name for free? Well, after thinking about it, I realized that the domain names I was offering were good, but they weren’t great. I came to the conclusion that the only way the contest would go from being good to being great would be to give away a domain name that the winner would choose. So now the contest’s prize is a free one year registration of a .INFO domain name.”

The free domain name contest is open to everyone except previous contest winners. The contest costs nothing to enter, but in exchange for offering a chance to win a free domain name, Brown requests that contest participants vote in at least one of the many online polls that he has setup on certain websites within his domain portfolio.

The free domain name contest at is an Internet original and Brown promises to keep the contest running until people lose interest in it.

“As long as people keep signing up for the contest every week, I’ll keep it running,” Brown added.

Besides hosting the Internet’s original domain name giveaway, the Domain Blog also features lots of interesting and useful entries (written by Brown and other contributors) related to the domain name industry.

“The domain blog’s original purpose was for sharing my thoughts, experiences and lessons learned as an Internet domain name trader and developer. I’d seen quite a few domain related blogs around; they offered some useful news and content related to the domain name industry, but I wanted to make my blog unique by letting visitors share my perspective as a full time domainer and developer. My goal was to give anyone who finds my chosen trade interesting a chance to read about my daily activities, frustrations, struggles and triumphs. I’m still adding content related to domaining, but visitors who stop by can also enjoy a free and fun contest.”

Brown admits that he loves running the free domain name contest and that, to him, the domain blog is the jewel in his domain portfolio crown. He invites the world to visit the domain blog website at, to read about his adventures as a domain developer and trader, and to enter the blog’s weekly free domain name giveaway.

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