Dutch Email Security Solutions Provider SpamExperts Announces Email Archiving Solution

October 14, 2013
Dutch Email Security Solutions Provider SpamExperts Announces Email Archiving Solution
Dutch email security solutions provider SpamExperts has announced an email archiving solution that hosting providers can generate revenue from. The Amsterdam-based company has established a business model that allows hosting providers and resellers to off-set their email security investment by re-selling and up-selling its email archiving options to customers.

SpamExperts' range of solutions include inbound and outbound email filter services alongside email archiving. Services can be established in SpamExperts' “Hosted Cloud” or on a company's ”Local Cloud” and virtual hardware. The company is providing 3 reseller email archiving packages with differing fixed storage. Once this fixed storage amount is exceeded, payment for additional storage is on a "pay-as-you-go" basis.

“We are over excited to continue our commitment to providing the best of our technology in the most intuitive and cost-effective manner," explained SpamExperts' CEO, Sam Renkema. "The new business model is aimed to allow service providers that acquire SpamExperts email archiving product to purchase it at a minimum investment and make money from re-selling and up-selling it to end-clients. When selecting the SpamExperts service, it is essential that more than just basic archiving is provided. Through a minimum commitment with SpamExperts, a webhosting provider can offer any storage size needed to its end users, making it easy to: recover the investment, differentiate from competition increase customer satisfaction & retention and build new revenue streams!"

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