Dutch IaaS Provider Worldstream Launches New Website

September 25, 2020
Dutch IaaS Provider Worldstream Launches New Website
Dutch Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions provider Worldstream BV (Worldstream) has announced the launch of a new website. Worldstream, which has headquarters in Naaldwijk, Holland, was founded in 2006. Alongside IaaS the company caters to international and regional IT infrastructures offering dedicated servers, colocation, and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) mitigation, and networking services. Alongside a new website the company has established a new corporate identity, logo, and a ‘webshop’.

Developed by Dutch digital agency ‘Dept Agency’ (and Worldstream’s engineering department), the new website was a major investment, costing 50,000 euros ($58,840). The bulk of this cost was backend and front-end UX design and user flow development. The result is “an accessible webshop in which B2C principles have been translated to the B2B environment of Worldstream”.

“Although Worldstream typically delivers complex technologies to companies with in-depth technical knowledge, the functionality in the webshop is aimed at providing simple and highly flexible IaaS solutions,” Worldstream's marketing manager Christan van Prehn. “In collaboration with Dept, we have succeeded in taking out the complexity in this new webshop. The webshop stands out for its look and feel and its ease of use. Within this industry and on an international scale we often still see Excel lists of technology components and services that are almost literally translated to the web environment. This B2B webshop has become very accessible through the use of retail principles. The technologies being offered allow you to compose complete solutions, but they don’t feel complex anymore.”

“With the old website, corporate identity, and webshop, we have been able to firmly expand Worldstream’s international IaaS services business over the past few years and to achieve a CAGR of 80%,” explained Worldstream’s Director Sales and Marketing, Robin Lim. “The result certainly is impressive. We now have more than 15,000 dedicated servers running for our customers. We have a 10-man strong management team while we’re the main sponsor of Dutch ice-skating team NXTGEN”. He added, “Clients of all types have placed their IT infrastructures on these dedicated servers with network reach across the world. However, there comes a time when the look and feel of a website, and the corporate identity can get in the way of business.”

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