E-Insites Offers Customized IT Management Services

June 17, 2005
E-Insites is offering a service that may well be of interest to web hosting providers and web masters; IT mercenary commandos.

“We saw that this was what businesses needed; all the technology they want with none of the work and half the pay of hiring a technical support staff,” said Henry Vowels president of Spokane based web hosting company www.E-Insites.com.

For a monthly fee, E-Insites dispatches an MC who is responsible for the complete care of the clients’ technology. The MC aka Management Coordinator assigned to each business studies in depth the company’s expectations, goals and product in order to give the level of care that is necessary.

“The companies who need managed services are normally those whose IT people don’t have the time or expertise to manage the server, or the company may not have IT people. www.onlymanaged.com meets these clients at whatever level they may be,” said Henry Vowels.

While nobody will ever care about your business as much as you do, having an MC to “eagerly go to the office at 3 am when the server goes down” can’t be a bad thing.

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