E Solutions Introduces New Remote Backup Service

May 6, 2005
May 6, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting providers looking for data backup systems may be interested in E Solutions Corporation’s new Remote Backup Service (RBS).
"Nearly 80 percent of companies that experience major data failure or loss go out of business within a year, yet few have a secure data backup plan. Backing up is the first rule of computing and the one that is most often ignored," says Michael Morizio, president, E Solutions. "RBS acts as a 'data insurance policy,' ensuring that backups of key files such as payroll and accounting records, contact databases, sales forecasts, contracts and personal financial files, are never missed or delayed so when the unthinkable happens, you're covered."

RBS provides secure data backup at E Solutions' Tier One, Category Four hurricane-rated data center. Based on a pre-determined schedule, data is automatically compressed, encrypted and transmitted via the Internet to E Solutions, where it is maintained on secure servers and is available for easy retrieval 24x7x365. Backups run transparently, so there is no downtime, and the easy-to-use software simplifies configuring and scheduling.

RBS supports dial-up networking, Internet and TCP/IP network protocols. Email notification immediately alerts clients to trouble, and incremental backups reduce backup times and bandwidth by up to 99 percent. User-friendly software and file selection filters make it simple to ensure that critical files are protected, and backups can run in manual or automated (hands-free) modes.

"The question isn't if your company will suffer data loss, but when," says Morizio. "Whether it's caused by fire, theft, sabotage, hurricanes, flood, virus attacks or human error, data loss can be catastrophic. E Solutions' RBS offers a simple solution to the otherwise complex problem of ensuring data is current, secure and, most importantly, accessible."

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